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" Extremely personable, professional doctor. I would recommend him to everyone looking for an Immunologist/Allergist. Extremely thorough. HIGHLY RECOMMEND! "

April B.

February 15, 2012

"I was very happy when I learned Dr. Novick was the medical director of this practice, what better hands could I be in I thought to myself. It was my first appointment with him, and I had to fill out a lot of paperwork regarding medical history, this was as expected and gave me the peace of mind the Doctor would be aware of key factors to assist his judgement in my case. Dr. Novick was exceptional! His staff, also excellent, administered some breathing tests. He discused with me my symptoms, in light of my medical history; and made me a better informed patient by addressing my questions and concerns. With the computerized breathing test results in hand he showed me information about my lungs I had not known! From that data Dr. Novick was able to prescribe me respiratory medicines I sampled in his office. I had no idea that I had airway constriction and could not believe how much better I could breathe a few minutes after the dose. Thanks Dr. Novick!"

Kelvin P.

April 14, 2016


"Dr. Novick was very courteous & knowledgeable. He really spent time explaining my daughter's allergy problem. I highly recommend him & would definitely use his service for future problems."

Adrielle D.

October 17, 2017

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